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Holly Legleiter

Public Relations Specialist, Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology

Strategic Communications, Public Relations Specialist for the Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology. 

In this role, she loves getting lost in rabbit holes learning about supermassive black holes, pulsars, fast radio bursts, interstellar medium, gravitational waves and all of the other cool topics in physics and astronomy. She is responsible for strategic communications, public relations, digital, traditional and social media including earned, owned and paid media. She is also actively involved in the NANOGrav Collaboration.  She loves every aspect of science communication, community engagement and outreach.

She has a BS in Business with an Area in Marketing (Murray State University) and a MS in Integrated Marketing and Communications (WVU).

In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family.