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The WVU Council for Gender Equity is comprised of several subcommittees. Below you’ll find a description of each.


The Executive Committee includes the Chair, Vice-Chair, Communications Secretary, and the Financial Secretary of the Council. The immediate past Chair, if still a member of the Council, shall serve on the Executive Committee for one (1) year. Ex-officio members of the Council shall also serve on the Executive Committee.


The primary purpose of this committee is to coordinate large signature events of the Council as well as partner with other organizations on outreach and service initiatives on campus and within the Morgantown community; this does not preclude the committee from proposing and running their own additional events. The committee will identify, promote and collaborate on programming and educational activities that address women’s issues as well as community needs. The two signature events that the committee is responsible for are the Women of Color Luncheon and the Champagne for SANE event. 


The Campus Climate Committee works to cultivate a culture of equity, inclusion and respect at WVU by assessing and advocating for the needs of women and amplifying the University’s successes. The committee will assess what resources are currently available for women at WVU, investigate what resources and programs students, faculty and staff feel should be provided by the university, examine what peer institutions are doing to continue to work with WVU’s administration by recommending next steps. 


The Women of Color Committee works with  interested parties and groups on campus to examine issues unique to women of color including the social construction of processes, relationships and work spaces along with substantive changes to practices and policies; f urther be it resolved that as part of that work, the committee and Council will examine and re-imagine the Women of Color luncheon to assure it aligns with 21st century lived experiences of women of color.


This committee will work with the university community to address the problems of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence and stalking on WVU’s campus and in our community. This committee will support the delivery of educational messages, outreach activities and prevention programming by university and community partners. This committee may also develop and distribute original materials and campaigns to address issues of power-based personal violence. Partners may include RDVIC, WV FRIS, WELLWVU, and the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


The Wellbeing Committee is intended to be helpful in identifying wellness programs and incentives that will be effective in promoting overall better health and wellbeing.  As we have observed, even with the deepest devotion and commitment we are not making are best contributions if we are not well.  The committee should assist in giving ownership to the current existing wellness programs at WVU.  The committee should determine which wellness programs are appreciated, enjoyed and supported. Members opting to serve as members of the committee should demonstrate a level of passion for health and wellness in some way; which may include teaching, program support and participation, marketing for current programs and identifying additional opportunities such as blood drives, 5-K walks, de-stressing classes and others.  Potential partners for WC are the WVU Carruth Center, WVU Healthcare Student Health Center, WVU Student Rec Center, the Red Cross and others.


The Awards and Membership Committee oversees the Mary Catherine Buswell Award activities, the Student Activism Awards, any other awards to be presented on behalf of the Council, and recruits potential new Council members. For all awards: The Chair is responsible for compiling the packets for the committee to review. The committee is responsible for reviewing nominations and writing press releases and electronic marketing of all awards and procuring award plaques and compiling winner/non-winner and committee member correspondence. For membership, the committee recruits and screens potential new council members. The Chair is responsible for compiling the applications for the committee to review. The committee prepares a slate of executive officers and potential new members (including biographies) prior to the April meeting. The committee then prepares a ballot for the election of executive officers and new members. The elections take place by secret ballot during the April meeting and appointments are effective with the May retreat.