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Diversity Within: Intersectionality Among Women of Color

Date: March 25th, 2021
Time: 12:00PM-1:00PM EST
Structure: Virtual Panel Event

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In celebration of Women's History Month, please join the Women of Color Committee of the WVU Council for Women's Concerns in virtual a panel discussion to explore women of color's unique experiences in our community. The panel discussion will focus on the interplay of the different identities within the women of color community and will seek to foster unity and support among women of color across different identities. All are welcome!
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Meet our Panelists

amena anderson

Dr. Amena Anderson
Caitlin fulp
Caitlin Fulp

Dr. Nagasree Garapati

Dr. Nagasree Garapati

Felicia hooper
Felicia Hooper

genes Pequero Genesy Peguero
xinyu zhang
Dr. Xinyu Zhang

Amaya Jernigan

Amaya Jernigan 

assure Vasquez

Hosted by Aisury Vasquez

Panelist Biographies

Dr. Amena Anderson

Dr. Amena Oliver Anderson is an Assistant Professor of Practice and Assistant Director of the WVU ADVANCE center—an academic hub at the intersection of organizational theory and practice. She co-designed and co-facilitates the ADVANCE  Becoming a Change Agent Course, which enrolls academics and administrators from across the institution and is now in its fourth iteration at WVU. This January, Dr. Anderson was appointed as Provost Fellow for the Development of the Faculty Justice Network an initiative which aims to support the expressed social, cultural, academic, and professional development needs of racially and ethnically marginalized faculty at WVU. Dr. Anderson’s research centers on the development of social justice leadership capacity among university faculty and professional staff, and the professional success of Black and Brown PhD students and faculty at PWIs. 

Caitlin Fulp

Caitlin Fulp is a senior Political Science major with minors in communications, womens and genders studies, and philosophy . She is currently serving her third year as a Diversity Ambassador. She is currently working as a student organizer for UN-PAC and hopes to continue to work in politics when she graduates . As a woman of color and member of the LGBQT+ community Caitlin finds it extremely important that students are able to have conversations about inclusivity on campus. As a Diversity Ambassador she hopes to facilitate these conversations. She wants to encourage other students to speak out about their experiences and lead conversations of their own. She intends to use her position to make WVU a place where everyone can feel welcomed so she can leave WVU knowing she created a sense of unity on campus

Dr. Nagasree Garapati

Dr. Nagasree Garapati received her M.S. and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University for her research in Gas Hydrates. Later she moved to University of Minnesota for her Post Doctorate in Department of Earth Sciences working on CO2 plume Geothermal Energy and also visited ETHZ- Zurich as Academic Scholar. Her research interests include numerical modeling, unconventional energy resources, and carbon sequestration. Dr. Garapati is also one of the recipients of the Inaugural Statler College Excellence in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion award for her commitment to engage women, minority and first-generation students in her research group through outreach events.

Felicia Hooper

Felicia Hooper is a WVU Alumna and Licensed Professional Counselor. Her professional interests include multicultural counseling, identity development, self-compassion, and managing mental health diagnoses. Her lived experience as a woman of color informs both her clinical work and her overall worldview about the unique challenges we face as individuals in minoritized and marginalized communities. 

Felicia encourages the exploration of our various identities including race and ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, relationship status, religious beliefs, and culture. She also believes that there is an abundance of nuance in our experiences despite our shared experiences as people of color. Felicia frames her work in exploring our identities and how they intersect with mental health symptoms, and our multi-layered experiences in this world. She believes exploring different parts of self such as identity are both vital and empowering. 

Felicia finds strength and joy in building community amongst women of color. This sense of community is empowering and supportive and serves as a major component of how we navigate the many forms of oppression we experience because of our intersecting identities. 

Genesy Peguero

Genesy is a highly motivated Afro-Latina who grew up in the “creative capital” of Providence, RI and speaks both fluent Spanish and English. Her bilingual abilities have led her to assist and support individuals in both Spanish and English-speaking communities. She Studied Human Development and Family Studies with a concentration in early childhood settings at the University of Rhode Island and is excellent with children. Genesy also studied abroad in Africa and Asia strengthening her natural ability to connect with people of different backgrounds and cultures.

Genesy has recently become a member of Generation Morgantown. Generation Morgantown is a group of individuals that focus on cultivating young professionals and leaders. Genesy is one of ten advisory board members representing various industries of Morgantown.  These industries include higher education, legal services, banking, entrepreneurship, health care, community service, media, and development. Her association with Generation Morgantown makes her an excellent choice for first-time home buyers and those who are relocating to the Morgantown community.

Genesy’s real estate background began with managing homeowners associations, she then transitioned into leasing and property management. Buyers seeking to purchase a property with the protections of an HOA will be well-served by her knowledge and experience. She has since shifted into residential real estate and brings an established network in both New England and West Virginia. This network allows her to assist property investors looking to expand their portfolios. You can always count on Genesy to bring a smile and enthusiasm to every interaction. Having a passion to help and serve people makes her look forward to aiding both buyers and sellers with their needs.

Dr. Xinyu Zhang

Dr. Xinyu Zhang joined WVU as a Teaching Assistant Professor at Fundamentals of Engineering Program (FEP) in Statler College in 2019. Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). Dr. Zhang returned to academia after spending several years in engineering consulting and engineering entrepreneurship. Dr. Zhang have taught courses to undergraduates, graduates, and industrial professionals in civil/environmental/chemical engineering and freshmen engineering at UIUC, NCSU, and WVU.

Dr. Zhang’s research interests include engineering education, engineering entrepreneurship, environmental engineering, and biomanufacturing. Dr. Zhang has a strong interest in advanced technologies for STEM education and her previous project was to create games and virtual reality (VR) for biomanufacturing education. Dr. Zhang is also interested in the STEM for underrepresented groups. 

Dr. Zhang is an avid traveler and strong proponent of women in engineering. Dr. Zhang is also passionate about global cross-disciplinary collaborations and plans to design a study abroad course for her freshmen engineering students to experience engineering in another culture.

Amaya Jernigan

Amaya Jernigan is a third year biology student from Waldorf, Maryland. She is involved in undergraduate research in addition to being a volunteer at Ruby Memorial Hospital. This is her second year involved with SGA, serving as an intern before entering her current position as a Sentator-At-Large. She enjoys exercising, embarking on new ventures, and sleeping. She aspires to one day be an orthopedic doctor. 

Aisury Vasquez

Aisury Vasquez (she/her/hers) is the Diversity Outreach Coordinator for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She works with student organizations to help promote an inclusive campus environment through trainings and programming. Aisury also works with the Division's Diversity Ambassadors who serve as student diversity liaisons.

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