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Women’s History Month Comments of Appreciation

Sonja Wilson

Sonja is the hardest worker I’ve ever seen. She is always on the ball and willing to help anyone else with their projects. She is dependable and very productive. She does her job with a great attitude and always has a smile on her face. You can always count on her to get the job done. Sonja is an amazing woman and friend!!!


Ellesa High

Just wanted to thank you for all you do…your generosity and strength of heart is a model for all of us. You’re a good egg—who happens to give very good eggs! :)


Trista Baker

I want to send out a thank you to the woman that inspired me the most. My mother showed me that I could do any and everything I want to and that I am stronger than measures. She is truly my rock and the one that has encouraged me to be the best I can be!!


Lisa Church

She’s been a great mom over the years despite some trouble. She works harder than anyone I’ve ever met. I appreciate her much more than she knows for what she does for me every day. I love ya mom!


Fredrica Dooley-Brown

I appreciate you for being you. You are the kindest loving person in the world. Your drive and willingness to help anyone speaks highly of your character. I love you!!!!!!! 


Laura McConville

Just want to express my appreciation for the most important woman in my life. You have been so helpful and supportive in all of my endeavors. You are a person I can always turn to and always want the best for me. I admire your strength in raising four kids and hope you had a great women’s appreciation month. 


Erica Lindsay

Erica is a great role model to me in the Communications & Marketing department at WVU B&E. She works harder than anyone else I know, does impeccable design, and always remains calm, cool and collected under tight deadlines. I also know she handles many freelance projects on the side. Her continued success in entrepreneurship, freelance and at her job at B&E inspires me and I am a better person and worker for having her in my life


Joan Gorham

Through her dedication and professionalism, Joan Gorham has advanced the success of women and men alike, not just as a role model for success, but also in the way that she encourages excellence, fairness, and mutual appreciation in her role as Associate Dean in WVU’s largest college.


Dr. Barbara Copenhaver-Bailey

Dr. Copenhaver-Bailey, or Barb as most of us know her, has been an outstanding supervisor, mentor and friend during my time in the Division of Student Affairs. She is an excellent role model as an administrator, mother, wife and community member. She has an ability to see the big picture and to encourage patience and persistence in pursuit of my professional and personal goals. She encourages me to bring forth new ideas and helps make them a reality. Thank you Barb for your support!! 


Betty Tretinik

Shout out to The Council for Women’s Concerns and all women around the world. We appreciate you and all the things that you do to make this world a better place for all. Your work is very important and keeps the world headed in the right direction. 1LOVE,


Sarah Allinder

Sarah, Even though you are my baby sister you are my inspiration. When ever I think about just giving up, I think about you and it gives me strength to strive on. I love you, thank you for being there. 


Jill Thomas

Thank for our twenty years together. I love you.


Linda Newcomb-Mathis

Bump Me!


Karen Staffileno

You the bomb! I love you!


Erica Bentley

I simply never met anyone else like Erica. I’m a bit crazy, she understands. I live a bit out loud, she rolls her eyes. I take on too much , she says “I told ya so.” That’s why I married her…but I’m not sure why she keeps me around. It’s ain’t my looks, IQ, or bank account. She is a fierce example of what women in these times are and need to be. An example to all of us, men and women. To succeed in this world today you have to be a whole lot of everything. She’s a teacher, a listener, a doer, a planner, a student, a worker, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a friend and a pretty cool cat. She’s the best mom our kids could ever hope for. She’s the best wife I could ever want. She’s the most caring soul I know and she digs deep to do the things she knows must be done to elevate her family and her work. She’s a wonderful example of the Modern Motivated Individual we should all be. 


Barbara Diznoff

Thank you for raising me to be fearless, independent and brave. For teaching me I can do anything and for encouraging me to accomplish my goals. Without your love and support, I would not be the woman I am today. All my love, always. 


Dotty Michael

I would like to honor my Mom, Dotty Michael. You are so much more than just a mom…you have always been my best friend (even when I didn’t know it); a minister (because you can preach-and you have taken me to church with some comin’ to Jesus meetings); a sister (when I needed someone to hang out with); my favorite teddy bear when I needed someone to hug me, hold me and wipe the snot from my nose (I still don’t know why my sleeve wasn’t good enough); a counselor; a teacher (because you sure did take me to school, literally and figuratively). But most importantly, you have always believed in me. Thank you for being the best role model I know!


Kelly Nix

I am blessed to have many wise women in my life! Kelly Nix has made the path for me by walking it – awesome and true! The time she has invested in me, sharing her passions, knowledge, and lessons learned has made a difference in the lives of others that she will not even meet! Grateful for the past and excited to see what the future brings ~ 


Cindy Martin

I have the most wonderful mom in the world. She always believes in me no matter what obstacle I may face. Even though I’m an adult i still turn to her for love and support and she has been with me every step of the way. I turn to her daily for advice and guidance. I’m so proud that she’s my mom and I love her so much. She deserves to be honored daily! Love you mom.


Betty Evans

I am grateful for the opportunity to honor my mom—she is an amazing role model and social worker who has always led by example. Thank you for showing me the value and beauty in serving those in need, for being an excellent listener, and for inspiring me to be a better person.


Julie Harris

I have had the honor to work with Julie Harris for the past two years at Scott’s Run Settlement House. She is one of the most driven, intelligent, and inspiring woman I know. I am truly blessed to have a leader that is passionate that we serve people of Monongalia County with dignity and the utmost respect. Julie is a woman that practices what she preaches, and will do whatever it takes to make this community a better place.

Julie is also a compassionate friend that can always make you laugh. Her charm is as contagious as her passion for her work! She has left a huge mark on my heart, and I will forever be in debt to her. Thank you, Julie, for believing in me. 


Leah Cunningham

As it has been just about one year since I met Leah, I wanted to publicly and very sincerely thank her for her leadership, compassion, and friendship. Leah spent a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA here at my office, the WVU Center for Service and Learning, and during that year we enjoyed many opportunities to work together on various projects. During that year, she’s also become a dear friend and confidant and I’m so grateful to have her in my life.

I’ve often said that I’ve felt like I’ve known Leah for 100 years (in this life and possibly previous ones), and I can only hope that she’ll be part of my world for 100 more. She is kind, trustworthy, adaptable, dedicated, loving, fun, and easy to be around. She lifts women up wherever she may be and she is always willing to help someone else. For that, although I’m a little older than her, I will always strive to be more like her.Thank you for all you do, and most of all, just for being you, Leah! Xoxo


Brenda Westwood

Mom – Thank you for everything you have done for me through the years and for being such a great role model. I hope that you know how much I look up to you and how proud I am to call you my mother! 


W. Lou Runyon

My mom has always been an inspiration to me. She is a Godly woman who loves her family. Although her life has not always been easy, she always handled the adverse moments with dignity and grace. Her strength gives me strength. 


Doris “Jill” Bentley

My mother, is truly an outstanding woman! She is a dedicated wife, a business owner, the mother of two professional women, and the grandmother of two beautiful and spirited granddaughters and two rambunctious grandsons. She never ceases to support us all in our efforts to reach our goals and to simply be happy. She has always been our greatest supporter and cheerleader. She encouraged us to go to college, get good grades and work hard so we can always be self-sufficient. Because of her and my father, I had many opportunities they did not. For that, and for many, many other things, I am very grateful and very proud to be her daughter and glad to have an opportunity to celebrate her!