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Brad Grimes

Financial Secretary

J.D., Program Specialist, LGBTQ+ Center and Women's Resource Center

Brad, a graduate of Georgetown University and the WVU College of Law, works collaboratively with the Directors of WVU’s LGBTQ+ Center and the Women’s Resource Center to initiate, promote and manage advocacy programming and training opportunities for students, faculty and staff. He also contributes to research and assessment of inequalities, and helps develop approaches to mitigate those on campus and in the broader community.

Brad also acts as a liaison between the Centers and local committees, helping to set the agenda for cooperative programming with the Directors. Currently, Brad is an ex officio member of the Council for Women’s Concerns and serves on that council’s Wellness Committee. Additionally, he has served as Vice President and President of the Board of Directors of Caritas House, a local non-profit agency that provides support services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS; those in recovery from substance abuse/addiction; and those at risk of homelessness due to chronic disabilities.